Corporate/Industrial – Voiceovers, e-Learning, podcasts, narrations, etc.

If you’re a businessperson, a content director or an animation producer and you produce corporate/industrial or web videos or just need a voiceover, CHP can help.

For your presentation or VO, we can handle:
  1. Casting a voice actor
  2. Recording the voiceover
  3. Editing the audio
  4. Adding in sound effects or sound design, if needed
  5. Mixing the compiled VO

As far as voice talent directing, CHP can help in that department.

You may be a seasoned director knowing exactly what you want, or a businessperson thrown into producing your first voiceover for an e-Learning presentation. No matter where you come from, CHP’s audio engineers can either let you direct the talent, or we can – your choice. Or anything in between.

At Charles Holloman Productions, we understand that recording and editing a voiceover for corporate or industrial use takes a totally different approach than, say “commercials.” For one, there’s usually more time to “massage the message.” And pauses in a VO edited incorrectly can make a project sound very unprofessional and difficult to understand. We know how to leave just the right pauses for a clear, easy-to-understand message.

From our vast over-50-year combined audio engineering experience, we know everything about voice actor selection, recording, appropriate editing, and the mixing of voiceovers. We are the experts you’ll need on your project. Thank you for trusting your voiceovers to Charles Holloman Productions!

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With CHP… You’ve got this!

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CHP Audio

Stop settling with mediocre audio.

We record, edit, mix, and provide sound design that will leave you with
a great-sounding production

Don’t miss out on overall quality in your productions. Be confident by getting great-sounding audio from Charles Holloman Productions.
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