If you’re an advertising agency, a producer or creative director and you want to produce commercial spots for broadcast or non-broadcast, CHP can help.

CHP Audio | Advertising
For your commercial, we can handle:
  1. Casting a voice actor (talent)
  2. Recording the voiceover
  3. Editing the audio
  4. Syncing to picture, if needed
  5. Adding in sound effects, music, and sound design
  6. Mixing the multi-tracks to audio or video

CHP can produce your entire radio or TV commercial for you – from voice actor casting to the final product for radio or TV.

We use non-union talent from our vast Talent Roster and will record, edit, and produce your audio to give you a great sounding spot. We even edit video for TV spots.

Charles Holloman Productions has had many years of experience producing commercial spots and we’re ready to be your partner in production! After confirming your session time and you have selected your voice actor, send us scripts for the voice actor and show up for the session - either in person, by phone, or by Source-Connect Now. From there, our producer/engineer will guide you through recording all the takes you need, edit to perfection what you like, and mix out a wonderful commercial spot.

Don’t know how to select a Voice Actor? No problem. At CHP, our Studio Coordinator will be glad to assist you in casting. We can give great suggestions if you’re not sure who to choose.

Select your voice actor talent from our Talent Roster here

With CHP… You’ve got this!

CALL US TODAY for a session quote or to inquire about our TV spot video editing! – 704.529.3555
CHP Audio

Stop settling with mediocre audio.

We record, edit, mix, and provide sound design that will leave you with
a great-sounding production

Don’t miss out on overall quality in your productions. Be confident by getting great-sounding audio from Charles Holloman Productions.
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